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Please find our frequently asked questions below!

  • What are the term dates?
    We run our classes on the same schedule as junior and senior schools! If there is a public holiday, classes don't run! (we like holidays too!) 😎 Term 1: 3rd January to 28th March. Term 2: 15th April to 29th June. Term 3: 15th July to 20th September. Term 4: 7th October to 20th December.
  • Where can I enrol for Geckos?
    You can enrol for Geckos through our online enrolment form! (don't worry, it only take 3 minutes to complete) Please click the button below 😊
  • Do we offer a Trial Period?
    We believe people who experience the community at Geckos will sign up! ✅ We also believe in trying before committing (you know, like ice cream 😉) Send us a message via our Contact page and you can come to a Saturday class to experience our learning and growing environment.
  • What do I need to bring?
    The short answer... Yourself! The longer answer... Bring some snacks for a lunch break, a water bottle, some pencils for writing or colouring and a blank paper book. That's it! 😀
  • Which Geckos class is right for me?
    We have so many levels, people are wayyy too talented. 👀 From Kindergarten through to Adults learning as a new language and beyond to fluent speakers! Come in to say hi, or send through a message via our Contact page. 💌 We'll use our knowledge and experience to put you in a class that gives you the best experience.
  • What events are happening?
    Take a look on our home page for the latest news from our Instagram page! 📷 You can also view the Geckos Blog for our newsletter or other cool posts from community members. 📚
  • Do you have Newsletters?
    Absolutely... Take a look at the Official Geckos Blog!
  • How much do I need to pay?
    We offer two payment options! 3️⃣ ✔️Annual one time payment that occurs when you enrol. ✔️Quarterly payments that occur at the beginning of each Geckos term. Take a look at our awesome Payments page for more information. 😊
  • Where are we located?
    5A Carrington Rd, Reservoir VIC 3073 Head to our Contact page if you want to see a map!
  • I want to promote something for the German Community
    We love community collaboration! Head over to the Geckos Blog and you'll be able to post for the entire community to see 🤩
  • How can I start working at Geckos
    We have many amazing interns who apply here, alongside a competitive environment to secure one of our classroom positions. ⏰ There's always help appreciated in the office working on Administrative duties. 📋 If that's not enough... there's fundraising, parents committee, the board, IT, and so many more things that need to get done! 😵 Reach out to us via our Contact form and get involved!
  • My question is not here, help!
    Don't worry relax! (literally, you might hurt someone 🤣) We have a Contact page which you can use to send us any questions not listed here. ✉️ Website suggestions, fundraising ideas, tips and tricks! 📌 We love people who innovate and get involved, send us a message.
  • Who are your teachers?
    We have a great group of people who have helped educate students of all ages! There have even been students who graduated high-school and came back after a teaching degree to work with Geckos (how awesome is that! 😲) Take a look through Our Team page for a look at who we are 😃
  • Are the teachers qualified?
    You bet they are! Our teachers have qualifications in Personal Development courses and are updated each year 😲 'Professional Development for Teachers in Community Language Schools' is one of the great resources we use to keep our teachers qualified and relevant. What about First Aid??? 🚩 Yep, they have that as well! We require anyone who works in a classroom to have their First Aid certificate updated each year. We don't want to risk anyone's health and safety, but we're ready for you either way ❤️
  • Who has Working with Children's Checks (WWCC)?
    Everyone! Wow who do you think we are 😂 Our community only happens because our members respect each other, and the safety protocols in place. 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 All our staff and parents who work with our students have active Working with Children Check cards!
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