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Herzlich willkommen an Alle!


Looking to learn German for you or your child? 

Let Geckos help with that! 


As a not-for-profit community school, DACHL culture and community is the heart of our mission.

DACHL = Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Joining Geckos gives you the chance to connect with:

  1. Multi-lingual enthusiasts

  2. Other expat families

  3. Explore German culture and heritage

  4. Meeting others on the same learning journey

At Geckos, we strive to create an environment of immersion. We make it a point to have German be the primary language in teaching and announcements. 


We offer a range of German classes for children and adults. All students are accepted regardless of background and level of understanding. Geckos provides two streams for native and second-language speakers. 


Our teachers are qualified in both credentials and passion.


Our cultural activities after class foster a love for the language and culture that goes beyond the classroom. It's an opportunity to explore a multitude of rich traditions from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.  


We’ll be waiting for you at Reservoir West Primary school from 9-12 on a Saturday morning. 

(No matter your age, language proficiency, or background, we have a German class for you.)


Come for a free trial!


Learn about Geckos

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