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We want you to join Geckos for '24 and beyond!

We have moved Geckos enrolment online over the past year so that your experience is easy and pain-free.

When enrolling for Geckos in 2024, we recommend signing up to our 'Annual' option. 

It saves quite a bit of money compared to quarterly payments, and it helps us plan for the entire Geckos year.

More time for us to plan = a better experience for you!

Enrol for next year!

Geckos 2024 Booklist
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Here is the official Geckos booklist for 2024.

We highly recommend to purchase/order the resources from Intext Book Company (Kew):

If you're looking for more answers...

We have two options you should try! (and in that order)

The first is our Help Centre which contains our FAQ's + more...

Next is our Contact Us page. 

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